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At the request of the investors we have installed over a thousand connection points and the associated installation that supports data, voice, images, integrating computer and telephone traffic, making it virtually defined the concept of intelligent buildings. The specificity of the object was a large system of protection against power surges, reliability, Redundant system protection against external "intrusion".

"Mega NET" Ltd., as general contractor and design company, opted for a structured cabling according to ISO / IEC 11801, which defines the principles of structural or generic cabling. The essential advantage of structural cabling is using a single cable system for all installations, which transmitted any information bandwidth to 450 MHz. This includes voice, images, control signals, but also very fast data transfer. Protection devices and electronic components has been solved with power surge protection insurance in each of the line users. A / V Monitoring object is solved by applying the latest equipment for audio and video surveillance. Trank Optical access networks are secure gateway. "Backbone Network" has provided access to resources and other network data, although they are different architectures. Redundant voltage network is resolved with field battery, UPS, high power and capacity.